RWY09 at San Diego

Can we just somehow get the message out that you don’t land or takeoff from 09 at San Diego? And since we don’t have messages that announce it makes it even more difficult to get the message out. Maybe a message when choosing where to spawn.

I’m assuming that you’re referring to a unicom situation. You can always send the traffic advisories message. Granted we can’t force anyone to listen to it.

You may want to do some research…

Whilst yes it’s uncommon to use runway 09, it is still used when weather prevails.

Runway 09 is in fact the only runway that has ILS at San Diego (contrary to the red cone displayed in IF)

Aircraft can also take off on Runway 09 (weight restrictions do apply)

Yes it is annoying when people use runway 09 against the flow of traffic, but it does NOT mean it is not used. Go look up the approach procedures (specifically the minimums for the RNAV approach for 27, and the ILS approach plates for 09, and the departure procedures for 09) and you will see runway 09 is used.

Please research and have correct knowledge prior to posting something like this


I agree with you, but emphasis should be on rare. I don’t know San Diego as well, but at John Wayne runways 02 L/R are like a several times a year sort of thing, I lived directly under that takeoff path for a year or two, I think I saw the direction reversed maybe twice. LAX no doubt similar. It’s the coast- onshore breezes and all. The key point for me is that zero wind should not mean both runways are fair game, take your pick- I agree it would be nice if people knew to takeoff toward the ocean unless the runway is posted as inactive, but you’d just have to know what the local convention is, that’s probably a lot to ask of every last person.


Incorrect ILS?
Has that been reported?
I can’t find a topic about it.

Yep, been reported and discussed a few times, and seemingly ignored…

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So if the wind is 090 @ 10 kts, you land 27? Just because that’s what you’re used to?

27 is preferred, yes, but not if wind dictates otherwise.

Runway usage isn’t determined by your particular chosen spawn point or length of taxi.

Also, wind isn’t constant. Maybe it’s 5 kts now, but could be 10 minutes later. Using 9 is preferable in that situation to trying to effect a runway change later with heavy ground traffic.

As an example, around the time you were writing this, the wind at KONT jumped fron 9 kts to 15G35. Ease of taxi isn’t the main concern.

Anyway, the airport procedures disagree, as they seem to think 9 is operable: KSAN Procedures


If it’s a runway in IF – use it. If you’re instructed to land on 09, don’t request 27 or deny landing there. That could give you a free pass to Ban Island


I’m curious. What does that do and what does it mean?

Let’s people know what runway is in use in case ATC isn’t online.

If both runways are green, and you are inbound and wondering what runway is in use, you can request traffic advisories. Someone should then answer the runway in use as well as the direction of the traffic pattern.

Also IRL in San Diego the city area behind RWY 27 has a parking garage. That can cause havoc if pilots taking off in 09 don’t climb fast enough.


Yeah what distance is that at? 1mile from the displaced threshold for RWY27 Correct and you need to be a minimum of 500ft AGL right. I know it was posted on here somewhere but it’s not showing up in my searches.

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From my link above:

Looks like it’s over a mile from the end of the runway, at 280 feet AGL.

I doubt that comes into play.


Yes 09 is very uncommon, I live in San Diego and surprisingly they’re departing 09 this morning.

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Okay, I stand corrected no problem with that.

Here’s info regarding the uses of runway 09 and 27:

[quote]Runway 27 (landing east to west), is a localizer and RNP approach with minimums down to 1 1/2 mile. For Runway 9, the visibility is 3/4 mile. When visibility gets below 1 1/2-miles, it forces arriving aircraft to use Runway 9 (landing west to east) whcih has better landing minimums. The terrain east of the airport often imposes weight limits on many departing aircraft. As a result, some aircraft must take off to the west. While safe, these “head to head” operations slow the flow of aircraft for sequencing and create delays in the air and on the ground.

Terrain east and west of the airport greatly impacts the available runway length. Runway 27 (heading west) has a climb gradient of 353 ft/nmi (58.1 m/km) feet per nautical mile. Taking off to the east requires a 610 ft/nmi (100 m/km) climb rate.

San Diego International Airport does not have standard 1,000 ft (300 m) runway safety areas at the end of each runway. An engineered materials arrestor system (EMAS) has been installed at the west end of the runway to halt any aircraft overruns. The east end of the runway does not have such a system as its use would reduce the runway length by at least 400 ft (120 m), further impacting the runway’s capability for departures to the west. Instead, the use of declared distances reduces the mathematical length of Runway 9 (west to east operations) by declaring that the easternmost end of Runway 9 is 1,121 feet shorter than it actually is (a net length of 8,280-feet).[64][/quote]

courtesy of Wikipedia.


This sound like 08L and 26R at EGKK. They are never used in real life but are there. If it’s a runway IRL it’s a runway on IF. Therefore everyone can use it.

What is it about users who insist on landing or taking off on 09 even though the pattern is clearly going to 27? It doesn’t matter if 09 is green and you have a flight plan landing on 09. Don’t be a jerk.

Time to take that IFATC practical I suppose.

It’s the Training Server. What do you expect?

It’s to be expected, sure. Just curious about their mindset…