RWY option removed?

Is the RWY option removed from airport detail of atc section?
We used to have this option earlier next to WX tab of airport detail.
Device: s23 ultra
Operating system: android


Nope, it’s not removed

Where is it?

Have you selected a multiplayer game mode?

yes, this on atc tab.

Can you send a screenshot of what you’re seeing?

Here I have selected KEYW for controlling, but before opening, I want to see the runway details of this airport which earlier we used to see by clicking on Airport > RWY (next to wx). I no longer see that option in new update.


I see. That option doesn’t seem to exist anymore.

Your best bet is to spawn in and look at the runway information from there.


Okay, thanks. Having that option could have saved the time to spawn and see runway details though :) Hope they add in future maybe