Rwy lights in the day time to aid low visibility landings?

I’ve been flying into Denver and Chicago a few times this week and challenging the very low visibility the weather is causing currently, and I have noticed that when I fly in at night time(I like to fly in real time) the visibility is no issue whatsoever due to the blazing rwy lights.

So, I am wondering, firstly, are the lights meant to show so clearly in almost 0 visibility at night time or is it just an advantage the game happens to give? And secondly, would it therefore help to have those blazing white lights on during the day on the rwys when the visibility is poor?

Any thoughts? 🫡


I actually have noticed that, when there is 400m of visibility at night, I can see perfectly clear, but when I switch to noon, I can’t see anything. I’m not sure why that is, and I would love to find out!


It is just harder to see through fog under daylight. I am no expert so I can’t explain why tho. :)

Remember the Jet airways 737 that went around 8 times in 2015?
Their first approach into Cochin was just after sunrise.
And the fog just gets worse further into the day.


Ok I guess the topic can be closed xD

Took off from Bristol in immense fog and the lights were actually on. In the daylight as you say, makes no difference at all 🫡

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