Rwy 35-17 at LPPT is now closed

Hello everyone.
There’s something I’d like to see in IF since a long time ago, it’s the closure of RWY 35-17. That RWY is now used for parking (at 35 Threshold) and taxiing. It’s a government agreement with the concessionary responsible for the rehabilitation of future Montijo Airport


Hello! This doesn’t really classify as a feature request as it’s just a runway closure. This can be implemented as a TFR/NOTAM in the sim, however this is unlikely because it’s not extremely important and if we had a TFR for runway closures at every airport, the red circles would show up everywhere and they would get ignored.


This seems like a similar situation to 16/34 at Dublin (EIDW), in which the runway isn’t used in real life, but is able to be used in Infinite Flight, pending traffic. For Dublin on the expert server, there is no TFR, but rather it can be used freely by anyone that chooses to. As there is not an issue with terrain (Aspen), nor is there an issue with runways being too close to each other (London Gatwick), a TFR doesn’t seem likely for this.

When closing the runway the editing team might need to rework the airport depending on the way it was done before.
I will check later the status in real world airport documents and depending on this we will decide in the editing team if it gets reworked or not. Anyway don’t expect this to be ready in next update cycle if we rework it.
Thanks for mentioning it, and thanks for your patience in advance.


After checking official airport documents at NAV Portugal E. P. E. it would be stay in IF as it is at the moment.
The runway is disused but not closed. The SIDS and STARs are suspended, but the Runway is still valid in the aerodrome description.
Additionaly the images didn’t show any changes in markings. As long as we have no images showing the runway marked as closed, and having no taxiway feature lines it will stay as it is. When it is revoked from documents we will edit to reflect this.
Thanks for understanding.


didn’t know that, thanks for the Info and helping me increase the level of my realism while flying into Dublin in the Future❤️

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EIDW 16/34 is disused due to construction work for the new runway in the north. Different then Lisboa.

Hello, the runway 17/35 is now taxiway T, but there are no charts available, you can already see in the last images of google earth that the runway markings are erased.

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Here’s a oficial and in-date document of NAV Portugal informing the closure and conversion of RWY 17-35 into a taxiway, named taxiway TANGO

Yes, I am aware of this as I told above.
The proceedurs are suspended, but the runway is still in place.
When the runway itself gets suspended we will try to reflect that based on availability of imagery that we need to edit.
Until then it stays in game as in real life.

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Ah yes, of course, now I understood what you said! Lol
The runway will still be there… as far I know…

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