RwandAir 737-800

Photo Credit to Timothy Brandt

Never heard of RwandAir? RwandAir is an African airline based in Kigali, Rwanda and serves as the flag carrier of Rwanda. The airline operates routes to different countries in Africa including Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and plenty more. Currently their fleet consists of 1 A330-200, 1 A330-300 2 737-700’s, 4 737-800’s 2 CRJ-900’s, and 2 Dash 8 Q400’s. Read more about RwandAir here.

Introduction: For my first feature request, I’ve been debating what livery to bring forth. That is when I stumbled upon RwandAir’s beautiful 737-800. In anticipation of the 737 touch up, I decided to request this stunner. With this livery in the sim, IF players will be able to open up brand new routes that will allow them to explore the beauty of Central Africa.

The Benefits: This particular aircraft serves as the backbone of RwandAir’s short to medium haul routes, which include but are not limited to:

  • Lagos
  • Lusaka
  • Brazzaville
  • Harare

Often these destinations are neglected in IF and do not receive the love that they deserve. However, this livery can turn all of that around. How? This livery if added can be one of the few central African airlines present in the sim. Additionally, an aircraft with an adequate range opens up the opportunity to explore the breathtaking African scenery, while at the same time encouraging new users to come out and show off this livery.

Conclusion: The addition of this livery can bring a further concentration of aircraft into the central African region. Additionally, with the TAAG Angola 737-700 confirmed, users could have the opportunity to explore the vast regions of this beautiful continent with possibly two new liveries to choose from. In my opinion, adding RwandAir to the sim will be a huge benefit to the sim overall and to this neglected region. After all the airline’s slogan is Fly the dream of Africa.

Thanks for taking the time to read this feature request!

Oops, hold on! Let me try to fix something here.

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Is there a picture of what the airline looks like

You have to click on the link.

Yes. But for some reason the draft for the topic did not look like this.

You can just place the picture and link the source, it’s more easy for the livery to be appreciated. The livery looks good, I edited the airline’s main hub, I’d fly it several times.

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All fixed everyone! Now its no longer confusing 😊

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Beautiful livery…we may see this livery sooner than later.


With Africa featured today, it would be nice to see this aircraft in-game. RwandAir is my favorite African airline but I hesitate to fly their routes in Infinite Flight as there is a massive lack of liveries for them.

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Love to see that after 1 year this still gains traction. Thanks for the input!

Bump! The addition of a RwandAir livery will definetely encourage people to fly within Africa more.


They’ve added Rwandair in the ATC callsigns, hopefully they will had the liveries.


I think they will :) if they do I will definitely be flying from Kigali more often <33

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I hope they add this aircraft to complement the A330 we currently have!

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Yeah!! we need this livery in the game

It will be very nice livery for Africa