RWA News Subcategory

Since it seems some members are complaining about #real-world-aviation being a news outlet, some of us actually enjoy reading aviation related news articles made by forum members. A solution to this problem could be a #real-world-aviation:news subcategory. This way, people could mute the category so they don’t have to see these topics. There could be some guidelines to these news topics, as @SingaporeAirlines brought up below:

  1. At least two images/photos of the subject
  2. At least 100 words on the subject in your own words
  3. At least 2 sources to creditable websites
  4. Subject has to have some meaningful form (NOT eg. Light plane crash, all onboard survived)

That would be nice! I like having all my news in one place.

As long as it won’t be a piece of link without a substance then I would be okay with this idea 😊

And of course, a true story with evidence as a proof 😉

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Exactly, something with diagrams or photos, a paragraph of information and links.

Better idea, use these links instead of posting every single news story to the forum: 😁 I even made it a wiki to help you guys out. 😉


But this ruins the whole idea of this topic

This allows for more of a discussion to take place, where we can share opinions on the story.

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It was a simple apology. Arrogance was not intended…


Yes I agree…

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I agree as well. Something needs to be done.

This topic turned sour fast 😂


He agrees… and that’s why there should be a subcategory. If you want news topics banned, you belong in the other topic. You do know if have a PM going with Wombat?

I agree with this as I follow news closely

Thank you! I appreciate your kind words.

Plus, it would declutter the RWA category.

And I wish it hadn’t 😞


Please do not delete what is in the wiki I created. You are to add content and contribute in a meaningful way. Thank you. 😊 Have a good evening/day wherever you’re at in the world. Don’t start problems.

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The problem is, I can easily access aviation news websites myself. You are not contributing to my original post in a meaningful way. I know there are websites out there, but my post is requesting a news category on this forum.

Topic flagged for closure.