RVSM Flight levels in Feet + Metric.

With the Infinite Flight airspaces getting busier and busier it might be a good idea to have a look again at RVSM flight levels.

First of all, what is RVSM?

Reduced Vertical Seperation Minimums, is a reduction in the vertical seperation between FL290 - FL410 from 2000 feet to 1000 feet.

For all the levels please have a look at the table below:

There are several requirements to fly in RVSM airspace but to highlight for Infinite Flight the most important is:
A working Autopilot!

Flying in Chinese airspace we have to work with Meters instead of Feet for the flight levels.


Thanks Aernout, for your important answer.


Out of interest why should you fly diffrent altitude based on heading? For planes not to colide with each other?

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So you don’t run into one another

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Yeah i figured it out haha. Thanks.

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Just a reminder about proper flight levels, especially since today there will be a lot of planes flying back and forth along the same lines.

360-179 magnetic heading: odd flight levels (FL310, FL330, FL350)

180-359 magnectic heading: even flight levels (FL220, FL240, FL260)

This helps maintain vertical separation and prevent head on tracks at the same altitude.

If you make an erroneous request of departure for a flight level not appropriate for your heading and departure gives you a correct one, please don’t request the incorrect one again thinking the controller just didn’t hear you.

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