RVLegacy's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED]

Welcome to RVLegacy’s ATC Tracking Thread







Use of runways:


IFATC Trainer:


Notify People : @JetSuperior5192 @Alexian61 @Jack_BC @Husam_Baobaid @Daniel_Steinman @CompetitiveDivide320 @RT6907 @Aviation_X @MetZone @Renan


Tag me next time you open. I’d love to help :)

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Feel free to tag me too

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Will do :)

Will do bro

@Alexian61 @JetSuperior5192 I am Open

hey. where r u open? i’ll join

Hi there!

May want to take a look here for the proper format for your tracking thread 🙂

You can tag me when you open next time btw, I’ll come if I can but going through a lot right now.

GCLP feel free to join if i make any mistakes i am sorry it is just a learning curve :)

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brilliant. ill spawn now. don’t worry don’t stress. all will be ok :)))))))))

ok all good thanks for reading my thread this is my first ever thread i read it and didn’t really get it so this is what i got lmao

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hopefully it will be ok lmao

@MrMrMan thankyou for that Lmao

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@Jack_BC i was seeing what that message was the intersection one lol

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@Jack_BC do some patterns so i can practice lol not just fly about lol

Hi there, Airbus 1998 here…

Great controlling! Some notes to consider:

  • It is a good practice to sequence an aircraft if there is a traffic to follow before clearing it for the option. As in the case of Airbus 10 that departed after me.
  • Give a traffic instruction (Right / Left) when clearing for the option upon requesting for a runway change.

Other than that, everything else was fine.
Thank you and good luck.

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Thankyou very much i will take the feedback in mind and implement it into my controlling


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Ah yes I forgot. No need to issue a landing clearance when I reported for a full stop because I was already given an option clearance. :)

I figured that after i sent that message lmao just wasn’t sure what message to send

OPEN AT LFBO Training server

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