Rutan Model 61 Long-EZ

Hello IFC! Today I come with an interesting feature request or aircraft I should say. I’m asking for the Long EZ! The Long EZ is a small aerobatics aircraft and is a home build aircraft designed by Rutan Aircraft Factory. I personally got the chance fly in the Long EZ and fell in love with it. Below are some of the details and my opinion on this unique aircraft.

My Opinion

At Infinite Flight we have a large variety of aircraft that touches anywhere from general aviation to commercial aircraft and stuff in between. We’ve yet to see a smaller aerobatics aircraft be added to the simulator. I think the Long EZ would fit that gap perfectly and would be a great introduction to the aerobatics point of view to the simulator.


•Range: 1,747 NM (2,010 MI)
•Capacity: 2 (Including pilot)
•Maximum Speed: 160 knots (185 MPH)
•Cruise Speed: 125 knots (144 MPH)
•Wingspan: 26 feet 10 inches
•Fuel Capacity: 52 US Gallons (197 L)
•Service Ceiling: FL270 (27,000 ft)
•Rate of Climb: 1,750 ft/min
•Length: 16ft 1in
•Max Takeoff Weight: 1,325 lb

What Makes the Long EZ Unique?

Well thanks for asking, the Long EZ has a unique retractable nose landing gear but that’s the only gear out of 3 that retracts! The back two landing gear toward the back of the plane do not retract. Another characteristic that is “weird” is the prop which is placed on the back of the aircraft instead of the traditional prop in the front of the cockpit.


In the end, I think the addition of this aircraft to the simulator would introduce a new chapter of what is possible when introducing a new way of flying (aerobatics). We would get to have another way of flying on top of the wide variety of aircraft types and categories we have currently in the sim.

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Sheesh, that thing can go pretty far! Unfortunately I’m all out of votes, but I support this!

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The plane that killed Mr John Denver…

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I deleted a vote to vote for this! Nice, I hope this gets done sometime soon!

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Thank you for the support! 😉

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