Russian Trip!

  • Airplane A350
  • Aeroflot
    Thanks a lot to all the IFATC that were at UUEE

| Expert Server | 10:40 UTC | WADD-UUEE |


Departing WADD (Bali city)

Take-off from the ground

Climbing !

At FL350

Some mountain with sunset

Aeroflot 22 Heavy holding-short rwy 24L

Aeroflot 22 Heavy lining-up when I make butter

“Taxi to Parking Aeroflot 118 Heavy”

Areoflot 1842 and 372 passing when I’m at the parking

Cargo open !

Hope you like it ! See you in a next trip !


Who’s the A320??

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Aeroflot 1842
Vova_323232_YT Yakimenko


You can have a maximum of 10 pictures, and you’re over the limit 😬

I suggest removing some so you’re under/at that number.

Not only are you over the limit, but a caption for each photo would be nice.

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I’m doing that now

Which one I should remove I can’t decide 😬

Nice pictures! But currently your 9 over the limit. So please follow the rules and remove whatever 9 that pictures you want. Thanks :)

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I’m doing that and thx 😊

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Awesome pictures!

But Bali is WADD not WAAD

Oops thx I’m gonna correct it

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