Russian’s in ... Montana?

As Billy Joel sing’s in his song “We didn’t start the fire” his lyrics goes “Reagan, Palestine, terror on the airline, Ayatollah’s in Iran, Russians in Afghanistan” I have talked to Billy to amend “Russians in Afghanistan” to “Russians in Montana” It didn’t go well,
But Yes. The Russians are in Great Falls Montana!

(Benjamin Donnelly photo)

The Russians have flown their TU-154M to Great Falls Montana. This modified TU-154 has the right to fly over US bases to take pictures of our bases. Known as “Open Sky Treaty.” Monitors from the host country are on board the flight to ensure the surveillance missions are being conducted within the terms of the treaty, according to The War Zone. The U.S. conducted similar flights in Russia in February, and these were the first Open Skies operations conducted in the United States this year. The Tupolev airplane collected aerial photos of military sites in California and Nevada, the War Zone reported. This included the Nevada Test Site near Area 51, where the U.S. military conducted nuclear tests during the Cold War.

(Benjamin Donnelly photo)

Here is the track of the Russian TU-154M as it flew over the Western US.

(The Russians over Edwards Air Force Base)

(They flew over Ft Irwin, Cali)

(Over Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake)

(Over Creech Air Force Base)


News slow in the states? I heard about this last Week 😂

Ended this week too ;)

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It’s awesome to have such a rare aircraft land so close to me, I live about 3 hours from Great Falls.

Thanks for reporting this! Wish I could have seen it:-(

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Just go… 😂



Yeah, the media in the states is too busy reporting on gossip and celebrity news to be bothered with real news.


Great content as usual!

So do they show up unannounced or is it planned? And what do they even expect to see in a fly-over?

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They arrange with each party to have events like this take place
According to the Treaty (click here to read more)
Each State Party is obligated to receive a certain number of observation flights, i.e., its passive quota. Each State Party may conduct as many observation flights – i.e., its active quota - as its passive quota. The Russian Federation and the United States each have an annual passive quota of 42, while the other States Parties have quotas of 12 or fewer. The Parties negotiate the annual distribution of the active quotas each October for the following calendar year. Around 100 observation flights are conducted each year. Typically, the United States receives 6-8 observation flights from Russia each year, while we conduct 14-16 flights in Russia.

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He was referring to the communist coup in Afghanistan during the Cold War.

I know, I was making a joke and to make it I had to use his lyric.

Oh, don’t worry. My pal Putin is just visiting Trump in Western US for some reason. (That’s a joke btw)

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