Russian Planes

Am I the only person who thinks Russian planes are beautiful and unique. I get a lot of hate for liking them, what do you truly feeling about them


The TU114 and the IL-96-400 is my favorite too but I love the TU154 and IL-62
but I just want your opinion


They are unique 😂


Absolutely not!

I’m a sucker for Russian planes and hope to fly on some whenever I get the chance. Amazing part of aviation it is.


I don’t know it’s just something about them that i love

I agree with you on the second part, yes they are unique, but the beautiful part? Definitely not

They are the ugliest things known to man


Oh yeah one other thing Ty, that second plane looks North Korean to me

Not Russian

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no they’re not have you seen the dreamlifter


They are definitely cool looking planes. My favorite is the tu-204 what’s yours?

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the IL-62 is a Russian plane made by the soviet union

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Thats an Ilyushin Il-62, which is a Russian plane

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Now we’re judging him because he’s overweight smh

But seriously, the dreamlifter just has a weird shape, these are just ugly imo

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MaxSez: Did you know that a Russian flew the First Powered Flight?
Just ask a Russian?
“In the modern era even with stolen industrial plans, Russian Trash Haulers don’t have the best safety record, they still don’t know how to make a comfortable passenger seat and there Flight Directors are bass ackward!”

🤮 All airplanes are pretty, but looks are deceiving.
G’day Max

(photo’s show Boeing Design Characteristics?
I wounded!)


Because they connote a certain charm…

To elaborate, they’re unique and unconventional to what most are used to. The TU154 is overpowered and one of the most produced commercial aircraft. The IL62 is the last (and one of the largest) aircraft to utilize manual control linkages for flight controls. You get the green cockpits that are highly analogous, and then you get the distinct sound of the Kuznetsov NK8 engines, which admittedly sound pretty cool. They’re uniqueness and rareness is what gives them their charm.


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Couldn’t have said it any better :).

the Tu-144 tho…

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You re defintely not. I love Soviet planes and would much rather fly or spot one of them instead of a boring A320 and 737. Unfortunately there is a generally negative bias towards them from westerners

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Lately Russian planes have been growing on me. I especially like the IL-62 and the Sukhoi 100

Yeah sorry I hate most russian planes. And don’t body shame the Dreamlifter, she’s special.

“Unique”. Russian planes are definitely, eh, a style

Its’s weird to think a plane like the IL-62 use to do LH flights , im surprise America never caught on

Nope they’re knock offs imao

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