Russian pilot lets unqualified girlfriend fly turboprop over Siberia

Russia, there’s snow everywhere and you better believe it. It’s the land of isolation and maybe this Russian pilot thought no one would notice it when he allegedly gave his unqualified girlfriend the controls with 44 passengers on board.

The aircraft, an Antonov 24 was allegedly (the airline denied it) performing a flight from Yakutsk, Russia to Batagay, Russia in August last year when the pilot offered his unqualified girlfriend the opportunity to do some manual flying during the 1hr 45min flight, the girlfriend accepted the offer and she then posted photos and a video to Instagram. After a while, some journalists saw the photos and video and screen recorded it before the original photos and the video was deleted from the social media platform.

In the video, you can hear the pilot giving her instructions on where the girlfriend should turn the joystick. When asked by his girlfriend “why can’t I get there?” Pointing at the navigation screen he replies saying “Well, I have no idea why you can’t get there.”.

IrAero, the Russian airline operating the flight, denied the claims however seemingly not dismissing them as they are apparently “checking” the allegations. IrAero operates a variety of aircraft includes Boeing’s 777-200LR and the Sukhoi Superjet 100. It operates domestic flights throughout Russia as well as to China, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, Kazastahan and Azerbaijan.

No one has harmed the aircraft landed safely in the Northern Russian city. It is unknown who performed the landing nor why the pilot decided to give an unqualified person a go at the controls

One of IrArero’s AN 24’s at Irkutsk full image credit


Clearly in Russia you don’t fly the plane- the plane flies you


Australia, where everything is out to eat you?

Anyways… that’s an interesting flight.



You should know better if your gonna post about Russia


Вы могли бы только его PMM.

You could have just PMed him.

Or was it joke? I don’t know.

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@anon41771314 I serve the Soviet Union


Hmmm similar to Aeroflot flight 593 where the pilot let his son and daughter in the cockpit in air and his son accidentally turned off autopilot control of the ailerons, they ended up crashing in a mountain killing everyone on board I’m just happy this didn’t end the same. 🤦‍♂️


is this topic a joke or what? lol

Why are so many responses deleted, or flagged? How can any of that be considered unfit comments? This is crazyness

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@RotorGuy This is the second most russian thing i’ve read this week😂 Yours is still first lol

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The posts in question were deleted by the author, not flags.


Ohhh! Ok, I thought that was very odd… Bout as odd as the article itself… Only in Russia… In America we just steal the plane and do barrel rolls!!😂😅

You how we do it in the Motherland!

There lived a certain man in Russia long ago
He was big and strong, in his eyes a flaming glow
Most people looked at him with terror and with fear
But to Moscow chicks he was such a lovely dear
He could let his girlfriend fly a plane
Even though she did not know how

Yeah, Russian pilots dont have a good history with letting unqualified people fly planes

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Oh yeah. The pilot let his son fly the plane and crashed it.

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In Soviet Russia, the plane flies not pilot. Not that American garbage where the pilot flies the plane!

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