Russian Overflight Rights - How to Implement into


As you may know, the Russian Overflight Rights is a system where Russia gets to choose which airlines fly over Russian airspace for flights from Europe to Asia.

I was wondering - is there anyway to implement this into SimBrief/ so for the airlines that don’t have permission, the flight plan avoids Russian airspace. It would (if it isn’t already implemented) add that little bit more realism. If it has been implemented, I would like to know how to have it be a factor when generating flight plans.


This is called IFPS validation, and is done via a computer in Maastricht. If you are able to get a hold of IFPS validated routes, you might get lucky there. Otherwise, my best bet is manually finding routes that border away from Russia. I think the overflight right system is concidered as a free-route airspace, but I am not quite sure what you would get in Return there.


Ah - thanks for telling me what it was called - I have found an ‘IFPS Validation’ button on SimBrief under the ‘Custom Route Finder’


Yes, it’s a New feature in Simbrief - it is great. :D Due note that the IFPS validations are based on the AIRAC, so they might not correlate on IF (but solves that of course)

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