Russian-Chinese Aircraft: CR929-600

When I ate dinner today, a Vietnamese talk show on TV showed a model of an aircraft known as the CR929-600. As I analyzed the model, I realized the aircraft is a copy of the Boeing 787 and the Airbus A350. I thought to myself: “Whoever made that aircraft is unoriginal and they won’t do well in aviation history.” After dinner, I decided to search up the aircraft on Google using my brand new iPhone 8 I got for my birthday yesterday (thanks mom!). I found out that it is apparently a Russian and Chinese manufactured aircraft.

Known for their Tupolev-154s and Sukhoi Superjet 100 regional airliners, the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) is the Russian manufacturer for the CR929-600. There’s also another manufacturer for this aircraft also. Known for their C919, the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC) is indeed the Chinese manufacturer for the CR929. This means that UAC and COMAC are both producing these 787-like aircrafts, which will enter service pretty soon.

The CR929-600 was announced on my birthday, Setptember 29th in Shanghai. This long haul aircraft will seat 280 passengers and have a range of 12,000 km. What do you think? Will this aircraft be a success?

Photo credit and further reading:![1DCACBE8-FB5B-4C56-9E49-8EF075D044C7|620x404](upload://y80C07ksKOlNG7wz0MZ9qS9lswc.jpeg)


For real, it is a 787 and A350 combined…


Yeah. When I first looked at it, it looks exactly like the 787 with the tail looking like the ones from the A350s.


There are so many similarities, it reminds me of a Comac.

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So we’ve got a 787 cockpit, A350 wing and engines, and a 787 APU exhaust.

I have a Boeing, I have an Airbus!



From the specs, it looks like a A330neo or a 787 competitor. At least the engines are known tech, but I’m not too sure if people outside of China would buy this. It has lots of potential, but endless possibilities for failure.

Who remembers the DC-9 copy?

This project began in March 2002 and guess when the first delivery was?
29th Nov 2015 to Chengdu Airlines!

They have a history of dragging new projects looong into the future so I won’t be surprised if we see this around the same time as the 797.


Eh, such a rip off. Airlines are better going for 787

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Now presenting the A-835


I’ve heard of COMAC, don’t they have another plane too?

The program isnt laumched yet and if it is wont have an aircraft until 2027.

The actual accurate range even Comac is say is 4000nm putting it in competition with Boeings soon to be launched B797 and the 797 is expected to be launched closer to 2025. Unless They speed up the development this will ikely end up like the Russian produced aircraft.

Yeah, they have the C919, which had its maiden flight earlier this year.

It’s a A350xwb-787 the newest series of aircraft made by Boebus. They should get out of the market while they are ahead.

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That’s right, it looks like an A319, wow, these guys don’t deserve to be in the airline industry

The point of this is not to be original. Most likely it’s to nurture domestic, independent airliner industry; helps retain skills, tooling, knowledge etc - for this sort of thing it’s easier to go for established design patterns rather than reinvent the wheel.

It’ll probably be cheaper too, allowing some airlines to use an alternative for longer routes they couldn’t have provided otherwise.

I love how if bombardier or Mitsubishi come out with another twin jet, no one bats an eyelid. When it’s a plane from Eastern Europe or China, “omg copyyyyy get out of airline industry lol”.


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