Russian Beast - Illyushin- 76

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With modern aircraft maddness around Im here with one of most iconic and popular russian made all purpose aircraft …

  • Why need an IL-76 isn’t it old ?

The Il-76 has seen extensive service as a commercial freighter for ramp-delivered cargo, especially for outsized or heavy items unable to be otherwise carried. It has also been used as an emergency response transport for civilian evacuations as well as for humanitarian aid and disaster relief around the world. Because of its ability to operate from unpaved runways, it has been useful in undeveloped areas. Specialized models have also been produced for aerial firefighting and zero-G training.


First aircraft were delivered to the Soviet Air Force in June 1974
Next it became the main Soviet strategic transport aircraft. From 1976 it was operated by Aeroflot
Between 1979 and 1991, the Soviet Air Force Il-76s made 14,700 flights into Afghanistan, transporting 786,200 servicemen, and 315,800 tons of freight. The Il-76 carried 89% of Soviet troops and 74% of the freight that was airlifted. As Afghan rebels were unable to shoot down high-flying Il-76s, their tactics were to try and damage it on takeoff or landing. Il-76s were often hit by shoulder-launched Stinger and Strela heat-seeking missiles and large-calibre machine gun fire, but because the strong airframes were able to take substantial damage and still remain operational, the aircraft had a remarkably low attrition rate during this period of conflict. Building on that experience, the bulk of the Canadian Forces equipment into Afghanistan was flown in using civilian Il-76s.[16] In 2006, the Russian Air Force had about 200 Il-76s. Civilian users in Russia have 108

Description of IL 76

Role Strategic and tactical airlifter
National origin Soviet Union / Russia
Design group Ilyushin
Built by Tashkent Aviation Production Association
First flight 25 March 1971
Introduction June 1974[1]
Status In production, in service
Primary users Russian Air Force

Ukrainian Air Force
Indian Air Force[2]
Libyan Air Force[3]|

Variants of IL76

Beriev A-50
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  • There are several design variations, including the basic Il-76, Il-76M, Il-76MD, Il-78, Il-76-MF, and Il-76MD-90A. In terms of design, aerodynamic configuration and flight performance characteristics, the Il-76M version virtually resembles the Il-76 basic aircraft, but has a maximum payload of 47t, compared to 28t for the Il-76.

  • The Il-76MD variant has an increased flight range and service life. The power plant and systems are identical to those of the Il-76M. Structural changes have been made to its airframe only to accommodate the increased service life and increased take-off weight.

  • When operating from first-category concrete runways, the aircraft’s take-off weight has been increased from 170t for the Il-76M to 190t for the Il-76MD, mainly due to the increased fuel.

  • This enables a flight range increased by 40% with a maximum payload. The Il-76MD can be operated from unpaved runways in forward areas of operation.

  • The Il-78 ‘Midas’ is air-to-air refuelling aircraft based on Il-76MD. It has a total fuel tank capacity of 145, 500l, including 109,500l in wing tanks and 36,000 in fuselage tanks.

  • The Il-76MF aircraft is a derivative of the Il-76MD, with the fuselage lengthened by 6.6m. The new PS-90A-76 engines give a 25% higher take-off thrust (16,000kgf) than the D-30KP engines on the MD variant.

  • The flight range is increased by more than 20%, for example, the flight range with a 40t payload is 5,800km (compared to a range of 4,800km for the IL-76MD).

  • In August 2007, the Russian Air Force revealed the Il-76MD-90, which has four Perm PS-90A76 turbojet engines and upgraded Leninets Kupol-76M avionics.

  • The Il-76MD-90A military transport aircraft is an upgraded version of the Il-76MD. The aircraft can be used to airlift military personnel, equipment, cargo and weapons. It completed initial factory flight tests in October 2019.

The Indian Air Force (IAF) ordered three Il-76MD aircraft fitted with the Phalcon AEW (airborne early warning) system produced by Elta of Israel. The first aircraft was delivered in May 2009, while the second and third aircraft were handed over in March 2010and mid-2011 respectively.

In August 2005, Jordan ordered two Il-76MF variants and China placed an order for up to 38 Il-76 transport aircraft in September 2005.

A proposal was made by the IAF in 2018 to modernise its ageing Il-76/78 transport fleet.

Advantages of IL-76
  • Tanker
  • Cargo transporter
  • Humanitarian rescue operation
  • Military use
  • AWACS(Air Borne Early warning system)
  • Can be used to transport passengers in emergency situation
In Infinite flight currently there are no Soviet aircrafts but I believe the illyushin 76 will definitely be a loved aircraft due to its wide range capabilities ...

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