Russian Airports ATC by Dmitriy_GL Tracking Thread [CLOSED]

Hello everyone!
My name is Dmitry, (callsign Dmitry _GL).
In this topic, I would like to announce my work as ATC in Russia.
Server: Global Training V2
Today I am pleased to invite you, from 1630Z to 1900Z, to visit Sheremetyevo Airport (UUEE). At this time, T / G will work. Perhaps the work of ATC will last longer if you show interest.
Please calculate runway workers based on actual weather.
Thank you and welcome!


Is this a tracking thread?


Yes of course! Sorry, I’ll fix the title now!
In the future, I plan to invite you to other major airports once every 2-3 days. We have many airports, in the circle of which beautiful landscapes open!


Thanks to everyone who visited Sheremetyevo airport yesterday! I hope the work of the ATC did not disappoint you, I will be glad to your comments.
Server: Global Training V2
Continuing the theme, 01/17/2019 from 1700Z to 1900Z I invite you to visit the airport of the city of Sochi (URSS).
At this airport, there are very interesting approach procedures, and on the approach you can see beautiful views of the mountains and the sea!
The T/G will also work at this time. Perhaps the work of ATC will last longer if you show interest.
Please calculate runway workers based on actual weather!
Thank you again and welcome

Server: Global Training V2
1930Z to 2130Z ATC ULLI (St. Petersburg)
The T/G work at this time.
Please calculate runway based on actual weather!

Title should include [closed]/[open] whichever applies. “Tracking Thread” should just be in the title after your username

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I’ll keep an eye out for ya and hopefully catch one of your sessions soon

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Well, now I will fix everything, I will be very grateful for the evaluation of my work.

Looking forward to some time in Russia. Haven’t been there much before. I’ll do my best to make it!

Yo - N104MC

  • Don’t need a FPL for patterns
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@mac104 that’s what I was about to say. Ground doesn’t need to ask for a FPL because you don’t know if I will be flying in a pattern or not.

Great job, great fly, I admired!

Thanks I’ll know

But you did well with the pattern that I did. I wish I could have stayed longer but I had a meeting I had to log onto and stuff. But I’ll drop by next time your online and fly some more patterns with you.

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Thank you very much, I would be very grateful, I would really like to learn, but unfortunately my English is not so good and the coach will have a hard time with me, which is why I still haven’t signed up for ATC trainings

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I am more than happy to help you out. I am a General Aviation pilot IRL so I can give you tips and tricks from real life.


Sorry had to quit after the 3rd landing. I’ll send you some more feedback in a PM, but:

I highly recommend you take a look at -

Really good material. Shouldn’t take too long to go through each of the videos related to Tower and Ground (and Atis).

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You need to clear people for landing when they are in the pattern. Usually I do it when turning downwind. Otherwise you did well. I crashed when some called me!

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Thank you guys for clarifying, I understood my mistakes!
I will definitely look at tutorials! Fl y in yet, pass the test, according to your instructions!

Hello! Today I invite you to one of the most beautiful places on the planet! I invite you to visit Kachatka and admire the volcanoes and the Pacific Ocean!
Server: Global Training V2
1430Z to 1630Z ATC UHPP (Yelizovo, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky)! Perhaps longer if there is interest…
Be sure to work the T/G at this time
Please calculate runway based on actual weather!