Russian airline Ural Airlines incident

Good job to this crew!

Russian Airlines Ural Airlines is reporting an Airbus has had an incident after hitting a flock of birds
The plane made a forced landing. Passengers and crew didn’t get hurt.It was an Airbus A321 operating from Moscow Zhukovsky International Airport (ZIA) to Simferopol (SIP)



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Ural Airline’s Facebook Page for any press release

Flight Radar 24’s information on the flight

AvHerald Report

AvHerald story

An Ural Airlines Airbus A321-211, registration VQ-BOZ performing flight U6-178 from Moscow Zhukovsky (Russia) to Simferopol (Ukraine) with 226 passengers and 7 crew, was in the initial climb through 750 feet out of Zkukovsky’s runway 12 at about 06:15L (03:15Z) when the aircraft flew through a flock of birds and ingested birds into both engines (CFM56-5B). Both engines failed, one emitting noises as if the engine spools up and down, forcing the crew to stop the climb at 750 feet and land the aircraft in a cornfield about 2.77nm past the runway with gear retracted (Approximate position N55.512 E38.252). The occupants of the aircraft evacuated via slides, there were 10 injuries (including three children). The aircraft sustained substantial damage.

The airline reported the aircraft received a large bird hit when departing Zhukovsky and made a forced landing. Passengers and crew were not injured.

Russia’s Emergency Ministry reported 226 passengers including 6 children and 7 crew were on board, all evacuated. 10 passengers including 3 children needed medical attention. The aircraft was found outside the airport, the right hand engine was smoking but no fires, no fuel leaking, the cabin was inspected for people inside, the engines were sprayed for cooling. Eight busses were deployed to the accident site to return the passengers to Zhukovsky Airport.

Russia’s Ministry of Transport reported the aircraft suffered a bird strike into both engines while flying through a flock of seagulls and landed in a field more than 1km from the airport. The aircraft landed gear up, the crew shut both engines down just prior to landing. A special commission was set up to investigate the accident. The cause of the forced landing was the failure of the right hand engine, that caught fire following a bird strike.

Rosaviatsia reported right after becoming airborne the aircraft collided with a flock of seagulls, their entry into the engines caused significant interruptions in their work. The crew decided to land straight ahead. The forced landing took place in a cornfield between middle and outer marker (of the ILS landing system opposite direction). The aircraft landed with the gear retracted, both engines were shut down just prior to touch down. All 226 passengers and 7 crew were evacuated via slides. Affected passengers were promptly taken to a medical facility in Zhukovsky, the other passengers were taken back to Zhukovsky Airport.

States Prosecution have opened a criminal investigation.

The flight crew told Russian media the problem began right after takeoff when a bird hit the left hand engine causing it to fail completely, shortly followed by another bird strike into the right hand engine which subsequently provided insufficient thrust to remain airborne. The captain took control and landed the aircraft in an open field.

The status of Crimea and Simferopol is disputed. According to international law and United Nations the Crimea belong to the Ukraine although Russia annexed Crimea in 2014.


Did that airplane land in a field?! Kudos to those pilots!


Yes!! Way to go for those guys!


WOW. surprisingly the aircraft didn’t break! Also, unbelievable that everyone is OK! Amazing crew!


Photos are not by the author you mentioned. The first one is a screenshot from second one is by Emergency services.


Thanks! That’s where I found them

Good job crew!
Here are some more info and videos of the landing:

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Aerial view of the wreckage

The whole flight

Takeoff: Emergency landing:
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Wow! Good job. This is great pilot training in action ☺️ I am happy nobody is injured


The Miracle In the cornfield



Incredible Piloting Skills by the crew! Respect.
Glad everyone got out safe :)

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Looks like sully now has a worthy competitor. Those pilots did a great job.

2nd image
the wild airbus hides in the field ready to pounce on its prey


Kudos to the pilots for getting the plane down and with no fatalities.

This will bring back memories of the Hudson incident

Paying attention to in training has paid off. Awesome job!

There is a video of this now

Still boggles my mind why people are taking pics and recording a video on the ground right by the plane. Like… WOW!


On such days heroes are born!

Great respect for the pilots who had absolutely no time to think and took the right measures within seconds.

The safe landing of the aircraft on a grain field is worthy of all honor!


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Wow, a Russian sully on dry land


What would you call a Russian Sully?

@BadPlane I didnt even bother to scroll down… 🤦‍♂️ You got the credit for this. 😂

Actually 2 others mentioned it but yours is mlst similar, LOL.