Russia’s Newest Helicopter takes flight

The worlds largest helicopter once agin takes flight. The MI26T2V, the latest helicopter model in the MI26 series has taken flight!

The upgraded heavy Mi-26T2V helicopter designed in the interests of the Ministry of Defense made its first flight in August 2018. The machine participated in the International Military-Technical Forum ARMY 2018. Then it was transferred to Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant for preliminary flight tests.

The customer requested that the Mi-26T2V be capable of completing tasks even in regions with complex physical and geographical and adverse climatic conditions, at any time of the day, at equipped and unequipped routes, or even without routes, and on featureless terrain, in conditions of fire and information counteraction of the enemy.

The new helicopter differs from the basic Mi-26 model due to a modern integrated NPK90-2V avionics suite, which significantly simplifies piloting of the helicopter. The latest avionics system allows following the route in automatic mode, coming to a preset point, performing approach and final approach maneuvers, and returning to the main or alternate aerodrome.
The helicopter is also equipped with a digital flight center, and the crew cockpit has multi-function color LCD indicators that significantly reduce the workload of the flight crew.


Cool , So was this upgraded

Yes, newer engines, newer avionics it has the ability to use NVG

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