Russia and Overflight rights

Another Amazing video by Wendover Productions goes into detail about Russia and their whole overflight rights and how they are only granting to one airline per country, It is extremely interesting. If this post was made before I’m sorry, I searched and found nothing, also the video is only a day old :3


I watched this video yesterday. I always love Wendover’s videos! They are always so interesting and teach me a lot.

I definitely recommend all aviation lovers to watch his videos!


@HurricaneTracker500 you might want to move this to #real-world-aviation 😉

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I watched this too! It’s really cool to see how things used to have to be done vs. how advanced we are and what we are able to do today. It’s sad that that airport no longer sees too many flights :(

Moved, thanks for the feedback :)

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I watched that video a few hours ago…
$100 per passenger per flight, that’s expensive!


It is crazy… just for overflight rights.


I kind of feel bad for Anchorage. Maybe we can get some airlines back there? It might be cheaper, also it would tell Russia what’s up.


If an airline like Icelandair or WOWair wanted to make a hub there as a onestop between Asia and America, they would be successful probably. Just some 787s or maybe a NEO and MAX and they could be a Pacific powerhouse.

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