Rush Hour at O'Hare // Virtual Spotting II

Hello all! Here is my next virtual spotting session at Chicago O’Hare for FNF. Select flights will be shown due to the heavy amounts of traffic flowing in and out of O’Hare. Here are some shots of the evening rush with passengers traveling for the holidays and people trying to get home before the sun goes down. Enjoy

Note: All callsigns were the actually callsign used in the sim for the flight.

Video: Rush Hour Virtual Spotting // KORD
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Date: 12/18/20
Server: Expert
Location: Chicago O’Hare International Airport 🇺🇸 (KORD)

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This is such a creative topic, amazing shots!


Nice topic

Also I think I’ve seen UA1736 after landing at KEGE yesterday (KORD-KEGE)

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Well done. Very well put together and it’s a very good idea

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This is a really cool topic

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Hey the first picture is me. Nice shots and nice video

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Very cool and thank you

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Very cool pics. Great approach angle. Kudos to you.

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