Why red, yellow and green appear on some tracks? And there are times that they are all green They could explain to me please

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It is based on the optimum wind. If the wind is blowing past the front of the plane, this increase airspeed and allows for quicker takeoffs. The red runways are for where there are tailwinds or crosswinds

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Red basically means that the wind is not favourable for that runway(headwind)(Doesn’t mean it isn’t the active runway though)
Yellow means that the wind is slightly better(Crosswind)(Use rudder to correct for it while landing)
Green means that the runway is most ideal but like I said before may not always be the active.

Lastly,all green basically means that the wind is variable(not too strong,lesser than 5kts)

What I always do is to always check which runway the airport is using in real life.


Just to make it clear, the most favorable wind you want to have is the headwind (green). I think this was confusing before. Crosswind is okay, if it’s within the limits (yellow). What you don’t want to have is a tailwind (red). The maximum for an acceptable tailwind component is about 10kts max. I hope this clarifies further


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