Runways you don't usually land on, featuring 25R at KLAX

28R at ORD is actually used pretty common, pretty much every night between 9pm and 5am they land 28R (or 10L). Usual runways there would be the 4s and 22s. (They will use them for bad winds)

This is true, but of course there are only 33 flights according to FR24 between those hours which, when compared to the nearly 1200 arrivals at KORD daily is pretty low, not to mention not all of those even use 28R so maybe about 10 landings on 28R on a good day and sometimes on certain days 28R isn’t even used at all.

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On a good day, there’s easily over 40, i’d know because i live right off of 28R

Honestly this is the best post I’ve seen all day😂 Great Issa for a topic. Made the whole community uncomfortable. Congrats.

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this hurts me

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Thanks! It did it’s goal!

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i always land on the longest runways.

For what reason? For Landing with the correct approach Speed you need not the longest! Only 1/2 Runway mostly enough!

Long Runway is only needed for Heavy with full load when takeoff!


Gotta love the Pre 3D vibes

Ew 1L :P we all know that 1R is better

Also wow this is an old topic

I had one of these instances today while landing In Honolulu on 26L.

im new so i use longest runways cuz i do not know landing speed.


That´s okay that you are new.

Normaly landing Speed is somewhere between 110kts and 150kts IAS. Depens on the Aircraft Sice.

Im pretty sure you will find a special Topic for that here on the IFC.

This will help

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ok thx for the tip

It wouldn’t be 8R as it doesn’t have ILS. 8L is the standard arrival Runway into HNL

This makes me…feel a certain way

the reg arrival runway is 4R now, as half of 8L is closed for maintenance 🙂

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Ah I see. It’s been a minute since i’ve been out to HNL myself. I think my mom has a few trips out there next month tho

Jeez you are a maniac! Spare the Chicagoans some pain 🤣