Runways you don’t usually land on, Part 3

Yeah just realized that. 😂

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runway 24 at lukla
good luck


Ok THAT is a never 😂


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Haha. Imagine the GPWS callouts 😂😂😂

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I have a question. Why do people still land 25R and 24L at lax?

Even sometimes on expert. Do you know who captain ry is?

Because they think the best runways are closest to the terminal and because eVeRyOnE uSeS iT


Well that’s for high traffic. But it’s still never made sense to me. Why stop traffic on both runways when you can file everyone in and take off without having to stop both operations?

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Ok sure. Whatever you want to believe lol

? That’s not me lol

No I meant the comment made 😂

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Oh yea, it would be so efficient if everyone landed 25L.

ATC: Lineup and wait runway 25R KLM 888

ATC: Cross runway 25R United 813

ATC: Cleared for landing, runway 25L American 322

ATC: Cleared for takeoff, runway 25R KLM 888

And repeat

Yes it would be, that way when landings are low, ATC can clear multiple aircraft to repeatedly take off and have the landing aircraft hold short or make multiple planes cross at the same time. IRL some planes wait a few minutes before crossing the runway

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They’re actually used more often than you think, when the other runways get too busy they’ll have aircraft fly the same approaches as 24R and 25L, and they’ll just switch runways once closer to the airport.

At a busy airport, you can’t really just direct all the planes in a single file lane especially because different aircraft fly different speeds, descend quicker, and things like that. If an E175 was about 2 nautical miles from the airport, and a 747 was 4 nautical miles, it’s possible the plane wouldn’t be able to fly slow enough to allow the smaller one to exit the runway. When there are only 2 runways in use, and aircraft generally land based on their gate, it’s a little hard to manage all of them, which is why they’ll open up the other 2 runways as well.

This is hurting me, I seriously dislike this series. 😂

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So, I have a list down of all the requests. These are definetly gonna get into a Part 4 and I think I can already create a partial part 5. Nice.

For the next part i suggest rwy7 at LIRF and 4L/22R at LIRP

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visible frustration
How dare you

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