Runways that are always closed.

Why is it that 24L & R and 25L & R, are always closed at KLAX. That is unrealistic since they would never be closed in real life. Someone please explain this.

there has been a lot of rain there recently. due to the rain they are using the 06s and 07s (reverse operations)

They aren’t closed, the winds are just unfavorable for takeoff and landing there :)

They aren’t closed. The winds aren’t blowing in their favor so the runway light is red on the map. They are in perfect condition for usage.

I’m looking at a live stream of KLAX and there all landing and taking off from 24L AND 25L AND R

Not according to FlightRadar

Nope! They are landing on 7R and 6L and departing 7L and 6R

Hmmm wow that’s very interesting. But aren’t 24 L AND 25L the main runways?

Most of the time but the winds are not in favor of arriving from the east this week. California hasn’t had the most pleasant weather recently so that might explain the runway change

It depends on the winds, just like any other airport. Winds lately just haven’t favored the 25s and 24s. I think its exciting.

25R nit 25L

I want to land the red runways now just to ge noob. Jk just I like the challenge of landing in high winds it makes me feel like a pro when I BUTTER.

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