Runways incursions - What to do ?

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I have a quick question regarding a common situation on the training server, namely ‘’ runway incursions ‘’.

I would like to know if the command “Not cleared on the runway” is the best when a pilot makes an incursion on a runway, as in the photo below?

If yes, since this command is only available on the ground control, what if the pilot is already connected to the tower frequency?

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theres a message in misc on tower which says “exit runway” which will give the text “you are not cleared to enter the runway, please exit the runway”. remember in MISC and not the runway exit commands

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Not necessarily. Once the aircraft has started moving, it’s kinda late to say “not cleared on the runway”, as the aircraft is not able to go in reverse back on the hold short line. So I think the answer is no. :)

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depending on the incursion, if its quite bad that its kinda in the runway “exit runway” command will be given or a ghost will be issued(if it intervenes with traffic)


That’s true, but wouldn’t it be the ATC’s fault for not telling you earlier? It’s quite confusing 😂

how will the atc know if you wont stop at the hold short, ive seen people taxt at 30kt and stopped before the hold short within 3 seconds

No no, I mean when the ATC is not paying attention, and you start rolling your engines to move onto the runway, wouldn’t it be the ATC’s fault because they did not tell you earlier? I mean this obviously wouldn’t happen on expert, but you get the point :)

both at fault lol… but even if they entered the runway just give them the “exit runway” command in misc as they are not even cleared to enter the runway in the first place(ps its an instant ghost if it intervenes with traffic)


Oh yeah! That’s true mate :) Thanks for the clarification. I was a bit confused there 😂

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@BravoCharlie The pilots do not have permission to overtake the hold without getting a take-off clearance, LUAW or cross runway XX, I think the only thing the controller can do is ask the pilot to get off the runway, if it can not give it a clearance at the precise moment, or the gosht him if there is interference with traffic.


I was about to say something but everyone said what I wanted to 😢

You can give us more details if we have omitted something, 😊 :)

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Why would be a controller mistake ? If the controller asked someone on expert server to hold short a certain runway and that person don’t know what does that mean, is that a controller mistake ? or the person who went to wrong server apparently ? 😁

Controller told him to hold short on Expert server then it’s the aircraft only responsibility to do this command correctly which 90% people do. If he passed the hold short line then he is inside the runway and he is responsible for it.
Sometimes when the controller issued a take off clearance then cancel it and the aircraft already passed the hold short line, then it’s the controller responsibility not the aircraft.


It comes down to how much of a stickler do you want to be. Yes in real life there are guidelines but this is a mobile simulator.

IFATC is not going to ghost you if your wheel is over the line unless you are on the runway and impacting other traffic. If you physically enter the runway after being told to hold short, you may be ghosted with or without warning depending on the situation.


This is really important to take it into account and to let users know:


Also in real life, I think any incursion on a track with traffic arriving in final or short final will result in a go around to avoid any conflict.

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Yes, but if we did that in IF, then there would be an excessive number of go arounds for people whose noses were one picometer over the hold short. We can be a little more relaxed with it since it is a sim, and the pilots aren’t as well trained or versed as in real life.


How is the second one wrong

Because the nose of the airplane its crossing the hold line

Sweet. Outside the box unit usage.