Runways Colors Out of Sync


I’m having an issue where on the map, all of my runways have the green writing indicating good weather

However when I go to tell people to taxi on ATC, they show up in red or orange

Wondering if anyone else has this issue ?

Hello, yes I have this issue sometimes. Primarily when the weather changes or when winds are low. I think it might be the system just updating the many airports in the game


Adding onto what @Drummer said, make sure to go with what the ATC command colors say.

You can use the following guide too.

Green = Runway is good for takeoff/landing. Wind is going opposite direction to runway.
Orange = There is a crosswind on the runway. You can still use it.
Red = Wind is going same direction as the runway. It is recommend not to takeoff/land on that runway.


Okay thank you for the reply, it’s appreciated 😁


I’d recommend you just look at the METAR instead of trying to figure it out based off of the color indicators. Choose the runways that’ll give pilots the best headwind.


Ok thank you, is there a tutorial on how to understand metar by any chance ?

You don’t need to understand the entire METAR report. Just look at the winds component.

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I shall take a look, thanks 😁

Here’s the first part of a multi-part tutorial of METAR if you’re really interested!

Like @ToasterStroodie said, you don’t need to understand all of it, however take a look at the following topic if you want a detailed explanation.


Thank you very much

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Also, all the runways will be shown as a lighter shade of green when the winds are below 5 knots.


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