Runways and Taxiways not loading in

Device: iPad 5th generation
Operating system: iPadOS 15.2

When I was coming in on approach the runways, taxiways and buildings didn’t load in. I managed to taxi to somewhere close to the terminal then the game crashed.

Clearing scenery cache or set your graphics to low and set it back.

It should work.

Which airport?

This rarely happens to me but what I usually do to fix it is to go around (or create a small holding pattern if far out enough), clear cache (more than once if needed) and once the taxiways and runways render in, continue the approach into the destination airport.

Hello! Just clear the scenery cache and will be fine! Tip: Clear scenery cache before every flight!

Oh, also on top of that, I recommend restarting your device before every flight!

Thanks guys!

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