Hello everybody in order to guarantee a better experience thank you to follow the map of the runway take-off and landing runway which is available for the airport france on the web site sia""

For example :

map lfll

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Do you mean that people took off and landed on the right runway? Because it’s really up to the ATC? Not sure what your saying though


I would like Atc use the runway as in real life

Yes but IFATC don’t need to follow the real world procedures all the time

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Take a read at this which @BluePanda900 did a very good job on which shows why we cant always do they most relasitic things. He shows a good picture of EGLL with almost 50 planes wanting to push at the same time making it hard to only use 1 runway for takeoff and 1 for landing like they do in real life


Ok thanks for your response @Trevor_A


Slight tangent, but that is considered quiet day at EGLL in real life…however I do release why in IF that is busy as don’t have the same facilities as the real LHR!

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Yeah it is a light time for Heathrow there but like you said we dont have a clearnce delivery or people that know all the roles so it gets hard to control that many aircraft at once even with a ground stop

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