Runway writing bent

I want to report the runway writing signs are bent. Runway 11R in Hanoi and also some runways in Cairo. I think this is in a lot of airports that do not have many people. The runway sign is not facing forward, it is facing sideways.


I’m not quite sure what you mean by “bent”

Would you mind providing a screenshot?

Could you send us a picture please? 😄

Do you mean the localizer cones? If so, this is due to the fact the earth is rendered as a cube in IF and it is near or at a corner resulting in that. It’s known and it isn’t easy to fix as said in the past.

Nope. It isn’t the cones. It’s the numbers.

On another note, Yep. Can confirm on Hanoi both runways. This may likely be an issue on the Editor side.

I am playing the game now but you can see in game the numbers is bent

We know that they are, as you say, bent.

However I don’t understand what you mean by bent, so a screenshot would be very helpful

This must be it.


yes like this, it is also like in cairo and some other airports

As I said before, it may be an issue on the editing side of things. You can relay this to @airportediting via DM if you’d like :)

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The Earth is a cube? 😳

But the topics quite interesting too. Maybe when the next airport update happens a fix for this will get snuck in…

What’s bent? It seems all good to me.

The numbers/letters don’t look bent, but look a bit rotated.


Umm…probably not something to do with airport editing (us) as we actually can’t see any runway markings when we work with them in our programs.

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In Infinite Flight, it actually is :) Not that you see it.

On another note;
Which airports have you been able to find that shows this? We’ve found a miss in the processing that could be the cause of this and needs to be looked closer at. ICAO code + runway number, please :)


HECA the middle runway I forgot

HECA’s middle runway is runway 05C/23C :)

yes that one

Logged internally for future fix.