Runway Warning

Hello I have a problem. I was doing group flight with Virtual Airline and I wanted to wait for the others on the runway . I’ve recevied the warning. Okay no problem. But It’s still there for like 20 minutes! How can I remove it from my screen?

Server: Training

What warning are you talking about? Could you send us a screenshot?

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Wait virtually anywhere except the runway. You’re tying up an entire runway waiting on 20 people for the entire field.

Wait on the ramp, where other traffic can still access the runway.

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interesting as it does not nook like you are on the ground or if you are then I am blind lol

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Yeah I was about to take off but Ceo told me to wait

Then the proper thing to do would be to exit the runway and wait for him on the ramp.

It’s okay if he wants you to wait on him, just not where no one else can use the runway.


anyways its like 60 secs where you are on the runway without moving then you are ghosted (even though I thought it was a violation)

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Regardless of whether he did the right thing or not, the problem still remains. This isn’t getting us any closer to solving the glitch. Pm?

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Tim is right. If you or your group is not prepared to take off right then and there, do not sit on the runway. As for the violation remaining on, we have noted the issue. The warnings are there for a reason. Please be more cautious and respect those around you while on the server. Thanks for the help and understanding.