Runway use at EBBR

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As I was exploring EBBR since the fabulous 3D-update got released, there’s one thing that strikes me: runway 25L was allocated twice for departure by local ATC. In real life, this runway is used for arrivals only due to the lack of a taxiway all the way to the runway treshold.

I’ll briefly describe the most common situation at EBBR:

  • 25R Take-off: all aircraft (82% in 2019)
  • 25L Landing: civil aircraft only (53% in 2019)
  • 25R Landing: cargo, military and selected civil aircraft (parking stands Pier A runway side ‘apron 1 north’, low-cost stands opposite taxiway ‘inn-3’, remote stands opposite cargo area ‘apron 56 and 60’ → to optimize traffic operations and reduce taxi times) (30% in 2019)

The next attachments will help to understand my point :)

Source: Brussels Airport, Twitter


EBBR airport chart:


More EBBR runway info & statistics:


Thanks @gojibe , Ill use this nex time I control, really helpful!.

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Hello, and thanks for the info!

IFATC are not trained for a particular airport or trained to follow airport procedures. While some controllers like to follow them, it isn’t required. In fact, IFATC are recommended to allow takeoffs and landing from all runways if possible, not only to provide efficiency, but allow pilots the option if they wish.

Wouldn’t allowing back taxi be les efficient?

Depends. Ton of traffic on final, yes. But we try to cater to pilots as much as possible, so if they want that runway, we’ll give it to them if we are okay with it.

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