Runway usage

Hi all. I just wanted to check my understanding was correct on runway usage. Yesterday I was completing an EGLL-OMDB flight and I used runway 30L at Dubai as this end of the runway was in green, 12R was red, did I use the right approach? I had an incident where another user decided to announce final at the same time as me for 12R and flew right through me. I tried to report but the option was greyed out.


  1. Green means the winds are the best suitable for that runway

  2. The report button doesn’t do anything due to abuse

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So yes if you landed on the green side then you did the right thing I think

Only staff/mods can report on TS

Also some airport will almost always use certain runways unless winds are absolutely bad for example SFO


Not neceserally green mean anything. It just suggest what runway is best. Take into account ILS approach, terrain, and what will be the best appr for an aircraft. Dont want a TBM on final with 22k tail winds now


A good choice to make sure to depart from the correct runway is to request traffic advisories on Unicom. Airborne aircraft will hopefully send you the preferred runway with the traffic direction in case of local flying. As said above, the colour of the runway does not mark runway as closed, it just sends you advice on the wind direction towards the runway.

Sadly you as a user, you cant report users while flying, best you can do is to alert any moderator in the case the user is really interfering and bothering


Yeah, I’ve landed on the red runway before to factor in terrain and that I wanted the ILS. But, in Dubai, I think they use the best runway for the wind, so, you were most likely in the right.

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