Runway Usage Indicators (Orange, Red, Green)

At times when I am arriving at or departing from an airport the indicator that shows you which runways are best suited to land at according to the wind are always green. Has anyone else had this issue? Wind speeds are above 10 kts by the way/

Ill check this next time it is all green. Thanks! Can now be closed.

Hey Patrick! It may just take a little bit for the information to be synced up/updated, especially if winds are changing. This isn’t an unusual occurrence.

This is when you are flying, correct?

Also, just to confirm, here is the information for runway colors. Just go ahead and make sure all the factors are met:

Color Wind
Orange Above 3kts and wind angle is greater than +/- 45 degree difference.
Red Above 3kts and wind angle is greater than +/- 90 degree difference.
Green All other cases

It may be a problem with the sync. How would I fix this?

So, all runways appear as green? Have you made sure that the weather connection (winds aloft) is green?

At times yes,

In that case, winds might be in the midst of shifting, so they may take a bit of time to update in-game.

It happens from time to time.

All green happens sometimes when there are winds. Also sometimes the colors in ATC are different from the colors on the map. The devs are probably aware of this. If this happens to you, choose the runway based on the wind direction yourself, or check active on flightaware (if there is actually traffic there).

A note of warning: sometimes the airport winds are very different from wind aloft winds, which creates a sort of windshear. You might need to landing according to the wind aloft winds if the weather is not changing fast enough.

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