Runway usage at ASE

Is the runway facing the mountain ever used at ASE? Two days ago I almost crashed when taking off from 33 with 20 kts tailwind (near stall and wingstrike)

No, all arrivals come in for 15 and all departures are from 33. It’s impossible to do it any other way.

What happens if there are winds like that then? Or is that not actually possible because of the mountain?

I can’t answer regarding the winds, but I know for a fact you cannot takeoff from 15. It would require a climb from 7000ft to 13000ft in less than a minute.

I am sure at ASE they have rules and regulations in place of wind comes into play. The field might be closed if winds get to high for there, but might not be too high on other places

You can always takeoff and land at other airports. In the real world, aircraft can be grounded due to conditions.


Landing on 33 is also an option for light jets when the winds are not aggressive. There are a few videos of it online.

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