Runway turned into satellite image…

As shown in picture I was fairly close to KLAX and I spawned in as a c172 on solo mode (737 in picture). The first thing I noticed was no taxiways (if there are then spotty pieces of taxiway) and the runways were satellite and no longer actual runways. What is this madness? (I did use different plane to make sure)


Hey! This is a known issue and is currently being worked on. However, I have a way to fix it!

Here’s what you wanna do

*Go into Settings
*Click on graphics
*Changed all of you graphics settings to low (if on high)
*next changed then back to how you had them

That should fix it. Let me know if it doesn’t.

Hello, I have also noticed this even after 21.7 update.

The way I resolve is.
Going to Settings → Graphics → set the 3D object density to LOW

Also can you tell the device and the version of Infinite Flight.

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Did you already clear your scenery cache?

I have tried these options and they worked. Thanks guys!

I have but nothing really happened…

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