Runway threshold

If a certain runway has a very long threshold and you are told to lime up and wait, am I supposed to pull forward to the runway markings/touch-down zone or wait in the threshold? I got reprimanded recently, not reported for that on the expert server the other day, so I was just curious to see where I’m actually supposed to wait if a runway had a extra long threshold area.

When told to line up and wait, I would get in the runway, center myself and then stop immediately. That way it doesn’t look like I’m trying to takeoff


Like I said, I never got reported, maybe he thought I was taking off. Not mad about the situation at all, just a curious thought.

That makes sense, but what’s the real world action you’re supposed to take?

We understand. Don’t forget that you can contact your controller anytime. We love questions. Our pms are not only for reports


I would follow the advise above because in the game we can never know your intentions if you keep taxiing down the runway. Not much you can say to convince us you weren’t taking off at the time


Very true. I’ll keep it to what you said then. Thank you very much for the quick reply.

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If a runway has a displaced threshold, and you are told to line-up and wait, you would hold position once completely lined up, meaning that your nose faces the runway direction. The area before the runway is there for starting the takeoff roll at such airports like Fuerteventura (see the picture below).


So you are allowed to use the entire portion of the threshold during your take off roll?

You should definitely use the entire area with the arrows for departure at such airports, yes. As you see there’s no taxiway leading to the threshold itself in my example either.

If allowed by ATC you could also do an intersection departure at the threshold when a taxiway is available and the remaining distance is enough for you though.

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Yes, displaced thresholds can be rolled on, just are not to be used for landing as they are generally not strong enough I think.


You can read about almost every marking from the FAA AIM. Most runway marking explanations are on Pg 2-3-4.

Most of the time the area behind the displaced threshold is available for takeoff roll but not for landing.

If you see yellow chevrons that area is not available for takeoff roll. If you see a yellow demarcation bar the area before that bar is not available for takeoff roll.

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Displaced thresholds are strong enough and can handle aircraft landings. The main purpose to it is to make pilots come at higher altitude because of terrain or obstacles.


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