Runway threshold

So runnway thressholds work? Give me scenario ot just explain so i can also get it.

Please explain more as I have no idea what your talking about.

These thing in end of the runway.

What do you mean by they work? They’re just markings on the runway.

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Do they mean something?

They signify the start of a runway.

You can start your takeoff from them, but make sure not to land on them.


Well what it says in the picture is what they mean.

Ok, let’s say im atc and one plane is landed and past threshold at end of the runway. Second plane is taking off. Shoud i give taking off plane cancel takeoff clearance hold position?

Does the plane go past the threshold? That would mean they overran the runway.

You should not give any takeoff clearances while there is still an aircraft on the runway.

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Procedures go as follows:

  • Departure-departure: first aircraft must be airborne before second begins takeoff roll

  • Arrival-arrival: first aircraft must be clear of runway before second crosses the threshold

  • Departure-arrival: first aircraft must be airborne before second crosses threshold

(taken from the IFATC manual)


Thanks that was help full. I think i saw you at expert server few days ago. Correct?

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Probably. I fly almost all day, every day, so it’s plausible that you did. ;)

To avoid getting off topic, you’re welcome for the information. Feel free to consult the ATC Manual, YouTube tutorials or search/ask around on the forums if you have any more questions. Happy flying!


Crossing the threshold after landing does not equal a runway overrun necessarily.

Some runways have roll-out/taxi areas after the threshold (e.g. LIRQ).

Still you’re right about the clearance as @TaipeiGuru also confirmed.

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I understand, thanks for the minor correction. I know some airports have blast pads which are used in case the aircraft goes past the threashold, but as a rule of thumb it isn’t a great sign if you’re still slowing down past the threshold.


Certainly not, just wanted to clarify that you may depart and taxi before/past the threshold at certain airports (at least in Europe).

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