Runway/Taxiways Not Rendering

First time in 10 years I’ve ever had this issue. Short hop from BWI-JFK. On my approach to JFK I noticed the airport rendered in but the runway and taxiways did not. Forced to land on the runway picture from the satellite but was greeted by a violation warning for speed on the taxiway. Ended my flight. Has anyone experienced this before. I tend to be very lucky with IF and have not had any issues like crashes or this sort of thing so not sure if I’ve got something set wrong?


Hey, this happened to a lot of people, all you need to hit is the “clear scenery cashe” and it should just appear.

Hey, @A8Pilot

I had this issue a few days ago, you just need to go to the "IF setting> General and scroll down until you see the “Clear Scenery Cache” option and click on it. The issue should be fixed if done correctly. Like @nOthing2seehere mentioned above!

Yeah just happened me again after a 7hr flight keeps happening a lot in EHAM 😠

Set you graphic settings all to high

Welcome to Amsterdam 😩

Yeah all high

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Sorry to hear about this. Clearing your scenery cache may help in some circumstances here but besides that please make sure your device is connected to the internet and that all services are showing the “green tick” when you tap on the check mark in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. If everything’s in the green, try restarting your device.

Hope this helps!


I think this happened to a lot of people at the same time I was doing a return flight to OTHH from LAX and the airport was not rendering. I cancelled my flight after 30hrs of flight time

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