Runway & taxiways are missing

At Denver Airport apart of runway 35L is missing
And some taxi ways on replay show the same
I have clear my cache

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This should be in support and im saying try restarting ur device or delete ur app

and reinstall

I don’t wanna lose my replays 😢

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Yeah there’s also a whole runway missing from O’hare

And Istanbul Atauark

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try exporting ur device I flew from Denver to Chicago and didn’t have these problems it was about 3 hours ago

Denver isn’t a problem, but Chicago is.

Let’s not suggest reinstalling right off the bat, please. It’s not necessarily the first course of action in this scenario.

Hey @CptRuben, @geauxsaints, and @ItsablacklineYT, if you’re experiencing issues with taxiways, runways, etc. loading, please clear your scenery cache by going into Settings → General → Clear Scenery Cache. After doing so, restart your app. If this does not solve the problem, you may have to move on to more drastic measures such as reinstalling the app.

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Just to clear things up, I’m not having issues. I’m just saying O’hare is literally missing a runway for everyone in the simulator.

Which runway would this be?

It is indeed missing, according to the explanation linked below.

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Clearing the scenery cache and restarting the app fixed the issue for me a few months back.

Sometimes the airport may load into the cache incorrectly or something, and since it’s in the cache and possibly ram. I don’t know really how IF stores those things but, I assume it doesn’t bother to reload it because it already has it stored. So clearing it and restarting the app should fix it.

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