Runway Takeoff Clearance Lights (stop bar and follow me lights)

As FDS have blessed us with taxiway lights, and as said in the blog article that this is just the beginning of their iteration of night lights into the sim, I thought it would be good to throw a suggestion that could be implemented eventually, and even tie in with ATC!

I recently saw a thread about runway guard lights, which you can find in this link - Flashing Runway Guard Lights
It gave me an idea which could tie into this. I have linked a very informative video below and a couple of illustrations I found, which will explain this idea a lot better than me. But I think it would be great to have these lights that can be influenced by ATC controllers, and maybe if you’re using Unicom, when you announce take off from your departure runway, this then controls the lights to let other people know that the runway is in use. I understand that this is what ATC is for, but it wasn’t primary about letting people know you’re using the runway, I think it would be a pretty good feature to have eventually.

Give it a vote if you can, and if you’re all for it that is ;)