Runway Suggestion or Real World?

KLAX, using it’s east runways in real life (24R/L, 25L/R)

IF is suggesting the usage of the western runways (6L/R, 7L/R)

Who do I obey?

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Always obey controllers. IF green/red are auto generated based on wind direction.

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The IF runway colors really don’t matter, since it only takes winds into account. I usually do whatever the actual airport is doing because they probably know more about their field than I do. Plus it’s more realistic.

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I wasn’t referring to IFATC Controlled airspace. And how they are the runway suggestions are generated wasn’t my question.

Also, IF Just updated the METAR, its reading the same as real world now.

If there are active controllers, obviously listen to them, but if there isn’t this is what I do

  1. I fly into RSW for example, a lot, and usually there is nobody else there so I like fly the approach into runway 6 unless there is a major tailwind problem because I like that approach more and I’m not messing up anybody else

  2. If it’s busy around LAX, you should just follow the traffic in game or use the runways with favorable winds

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Thanks for the assistance guys.

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