Runway Status Lights

This would be a rather interesting Implementaiton.
I know we already have existing “Inactive Runway” Crosses in Red blocking the runway, but this would be a more realistic type of Warning system. Mainly alerting Pilots on the ground to possible incursions etc.
For people who are not aware what these lights are/indicate. Heres some info about there purpose:


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I think that would definitely be a cool feature later on. But I do think the approach lights and taxi lights have to come first


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THIS IS A DUPLICATE REQUEST. Runway lights have already been added to all of the airports. Just waiting for IF to switch them on. Philippe has answered this several times if you check history. They are trying to get the right levels so that not only do he lights show but they help illuminate the runway.

Um no. Runway status lights are not the same as runway lights. Secondly, this topic was made a while ago, and I searched before making this post.

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I agree your original topic was different, however, EdT seems to have changed the subject and started to discuss ground already covered. :)

a braw bricht moonlit nicht to you! Cheers!

Sorry for angering you… Didn’t mean to sorry. My mistake. I was just saying what I would like this to be updated with.

With this maybe Papi lights could be added also

PAPI lights are already in IF.

great idea

Really ? @ATK

Er, yes really. Aren’t you using them to land already? There was a whole tutorial about using them.

I usually never payed attention to them as I fly in noon so I don’t see lights

No surprise Ryan… It’s hard to see at noon and hard to fly at night 😂

I usually just use my glide scope indicator to the left of my altitude

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@ATK, yes they are, but we only have the 2 light system. The 4 light system would be much better as we have them in our airports. In WED, this is how we make PAPIs using the light fixture tool:

18R PAPI-4L 23 PAPI-2L

18R and 23 indicates te runway that it’s for. PAPI indicates that well…it’s a PAPI. 4L and 2L indicates what system. 2 or 4 lights :)

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I feel like this feature should’ve come with the taxi lights update!