Runway slope

These days, I was in Lukla on Infinite Flight, and I realized that the game’s tracks are flat, like Courchevel’s track, which is also sloped. I would like to be able to play on more realistic runways in the future!
Thank you!

We actually dont know if this is true. The airports are controlled by IFAET, and they dont take requests.


Sloped runways are currently not able to be edited due to the software we use (WED) being a 2D designing process.

There is also a feature request here for this:

– An Airport Editor


Lukla doesn’t need an update/rework at this time and for the foreseeable. The OP is asking for sloped runways, that’s something completely different to updating/editing the airport. That would be down to the official devs.

I hope you can understand 🙂


Yep that is fine. I know I would like this but it is not needed.

The best way to show your support for this would be to vote in the feature request @Ecoops123 linked. Sloped airports aren’t possible in Infinite Flight at the moment, but who knows what the developers will make possible one day ✈️