Runway selection on Training Server

This is just a small feature but I think this would help atc at big airports like EGLL or KLAX it would be help for tower to select which runways are being used for departures and arrived (a much simpler ATIS)

This is already in IF

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How can you acces this

Green Organe and Red is saying that Red is closed (takeoff tailwind) and Green open (takoff headwind) and on Orange you can use but it can be difficult to takeoff or land

Oh yeah I meant something else but it’s irrelevant now

This is only for IFATC (atc on expert server) however you can notify all the aircraft about a runway change is in process. by going to “broadcast message” and find it there.

The colours are not whether the runway is open or closed, it is just the wind conditions. Sometimes a ‘red’ runway will be used because the winds have changed since opening, or the terrain makes it impossible for the other end to be used.


ah okay didn’t know that much about it. but you always learn something new.

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There’s really no point in adding this as people will always go to whatever runway they please on TS1. This is why ATIS is restricted to Expert.

If we aren’t going to make an attempt to train these folks then we shouldn’t call the server a “training server”. I see nothing wrong with adding ATIS to training. Wouldn’t you rather people joining expert know what that is in advance or at least some of them?


I see your point, but not many people would know how to use it. Maybe a few people training for IFATC, but other than that, it would just be chaos 😐

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Perhaps we could get some interactive live sessions that people have to register for on training server. IFATC runs it and people are given feedback or a score based on mistakes, and then they would have an explanation from experts. I would see it similar to the IFATC practical where the candidate would get feedback and either pass or fail. Perhaps that is also one way to decide who enters expert server as a pilot…just a thought.

Red does not mean it’s closed, it just means the winds don’t favor that runway.


most of the time the rule that you follow on TS is red means do not use and green means use.