Runway Request - Ground Frequency

In most airports, at least controlled ones, aircraft are given a runway assignment prior to pushback. This, as far as I know, is done during the IFR clearance, and pilots can call up saying “Test Flight 1234 requesting IFR clearance to Los Angeles, unable runway 29/requesting runway 31” This was brought to my attention yesterday in Dublin, when I was flying out with a 93% load (96% fuel) on a 737-800, flying as Nortrans 1842 from DUB-SWF, and the controller gave me runway 34, which I would’ve been physically unable to take due to weight. I requested a taxi to runway 10 twice, and PMed the controller on the IFC before he finally agreed to let me go to 10. There should be an option to do something that would happen to this effect in at least 1 of these 3 ways:

  1. Runway request in pushback call.
    Pilots should have the ability to call with a specific runway request when they request their pushback. It could work something like this: “Test Flight 1234, ready for pushback, requesting runway 31”

  2. Pilots should be able to say “Unable” to a taxi call. For example: “Test Flight 1234, taxi to runway 29, contact tower when ready” “Unable, Test Flight 1234.” with the possibility of an additional “Requesting runway 31” or a simple call up with the command that is already in the game “Test Flight 1234, ready to taxi to runway 31”

  3. Since we don’t have IFR clearance, this should be a good opportunity to give a pre-flight page or something like that, where the pilot could fill out their expected initial cruise altitude and speed and all that good stuff, just for information should ATC need it. This could include a runway request and/or a list of runways they are unable or unwilling to use.

Hopefully this can be considered, and maybe even added at some point! Thanks!

The title for this may have been a little misleading, as I know there is a “Request Specific Runway” option for taxi, but I couldn’t think of what else to name it.

I love this!! Sorry I’m out of votes!


Honestly if you get pushback clearance then follow it but when you request taxi then ask for another runway if it’s within reason aka it’s not long enough or it’s quiet. In 99% of cases controllers will accommodate your request, if it was possible for you to take off however and you wanted to be more realistic while it was busy I see no reason as to why they would accommodate it. Everyone has to make sacrifices when it’s busy.

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I personally think this could be abused more than it could be useful. As an IFATC controller, I know what runways are open and many pilots go by the colour of the runway and not what ATIS says or what ATC gives them. I think the current way of just requesting the other runway is good for now. Asking for the other runway already practically tells us “unable” or “I don’t want that.” Even if the Unable was added then I would still think that it would not change anything.

Personally, the best option, in my opinion, is to request 1 time. If not go to the runway and attempt taking off. If you visibly cannot then cancel takeoff and then when given clearance to contact Ground again ask for the runway you want. At least that shows that you are obeying and you actually cannot take off with the runway length.

Honestly in IF (Since its a simulator) if you really wanted you can make a 787 takeoff on runway 34. So it doesn’t hurt to just takeoff using that runway.

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I see where you’re coming from, but I’ve also learned from controlling on TS (although it is different since people don’t tend to listen) that getting a “ready to taxi” to a different runway than you instructed can make you annoyed and think it’s just them being stubborn. I think if it was designed so you could only change to another runway that was said to be open in the ATIS, it could prevent it from being abused. Also, I was flying a 737-800 not a 787, and it has way worse takeoff performance than the -8 or even the -9, possibly the -10 as well although I’ve only flown it once out of an airport I rarely fly to so I have really nothing to compare it too. It took flaps 15, N1 96% to get the job done on 10 and since 34 was a crosswind runway and almost 2000 feet shorter, I don’t think I could’ve got off the runway no matter what I tried.