Runway question

We all know Luton changed from 08/26 to 07/25. That being said, if Luton had to change runway numbers, wouldn’t it be logical for other airports in the London area to have to change runway numbers too?

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You know, at the end of the day runaway numbers are only to indicate runaways and not their approach courses and stuff like that.

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Runway numbers are based on its magnetic heading


Not necessarily because the magnetic heading may have changed just enough for Luton where the runway number changed. And I’m sure the magnetic heading has changed for the surrounding airports(don’t quote me on that) but not enough where it would constitute a runway change.


Jersey’s runway headings changed in 2014 from 27/09 to 26/08 Guernsey’s runways never changed and are still 27/09 and they are about 20 miles apart.

Why is that? I’m confused tbh.

Runway designations may change over time because Earth’s magnetic lines slowly drift on the surface and the magnetic direction changes. Depending on the airport location and how much drift occurs, it may be necessary to change the runway designation.

In summary, it depends on the runway heading and the airport’s location. Some airports may have more changes than others.

The magnetic heading changed.

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