Runway phone rumbler vibration caused by IFAssistant

While taking off (HECA) and landing (HEAR) my phone’s rumbler suddenly started vibrating. Never experienced this before, is this supposed to happen?

iPhone 7 plus, most recent ios. Tried to stop it by de-activating and re-activating the rumbler but this didn’t work. IFAssistant was running in the background, was also making a screen recording of which the sounds are completely off (unsynchronised) so this might have something to do with(?).

This appears to be coming from the third party app you are running. When you say the sound was off, so you had it muted?


No I mean that it doesn’t match the video by a long shot (take off thrust sound already started playing while the video showed the taxiing)

And this is with the built in screen recorder from Apple?

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Just to be clear, after watching the screen recording the rumbling and the sound synchronization was off or was this all occurring in real time?

This was all occurring in real time.

It started while entering the runway, stopped right after take-off and started again immediately after touchdown until approx 50kts ground speed. The camera cam also shakes a lot while on the runway but I believe this is a know bug.

// edit: the shaking cam is a feature

I haven’t used IF-A in a while so I’m not sure of the newer/latest features. I’m going to sit this one out now until someone more seasoned with IF-A can offer some insight.

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Alright, thank you for the help!

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Just checked, it definitely has something to do with IFA. Problem doesn’t occur with IFA closed.

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IF Assistant has this feature of a shaky cam and i think IF itself haw a built in feature that when u are on the roll on the RW, the cam shakes

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Yeah I noticed that but I can’t find anything about the rumbler in my phone shaking

The IF-A feature shakes the cam a lot so if u dont like it just make sure to turn it off.

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Lemme try right now. Ill get back with what I experience

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Interested to see what happens

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So i think the shaky cam has been fixed and doesnt shake that much. But as for your issue. No my phone(Iphone XR) doesnt shake.

Hmmm interesting. I have also just realised that I have had another issue going on for some time now where the ‘crash’ message comes into my screen right after starting my take-off roll. Might have a similar cause.

Try reinstalling

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@epaga I’m not sure if I’m allowed to tag you in this but we figured out that it has something to do with IFA. I also just saw something about a new update, is this supposed to happen?