Runway pavement color

I hope this isnt too silly a question but I have been wondering why some runways appear darker gray and some lighter gray almost white-ish. I notice it while on final approach and can see multiple runways from the air. One example just from today landing at 27R at Philadelphia Intl was whiteish and the parallel 27L was darker gray and it was easier to see the striping on 27L even though i was lined up and closer to 27R due to the dark gray being a better contrast from the white stripes. Is there a reason? Thanks!!

can you add a screenshoot?

I believe it’s due to what runway show are made of (e.g some are asphalt and some are concrete!)


At KPHL 27R/09L is concrete while 27L/09R is asphalt.

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They are all asphalt


Airport editors add the runways as different surfaces!

The main runway surfaces you’ll find in Infinite Flight is: Concrete, asphalt, grass, dry lake, gravel, and ice.

We use the real world runway surfaces, however it can look slightly different to real life because our surfaces are 1 set colour, not worn or any other shade.

Hope this answered your question!


Indeed, some runways are made of different material such as Concrete and Asphalt to match the real runways in real life.

Here is what the runways looks like in KPHL.

  • Runways 27R and 35 is made out of concrete.

  • Runways 27L and 26 is made out of Asphalt.

You may clearly use this example in your local road traffic. A lot of highways in the U.S.A is made out of concrete from its light grey colour. In Europe most highways appear darker because of the Asphalt material.

Sometimes in the modern world you might find it annoying to land in brighter runways instead of darker runways. Asphalt is probably cheaper to build than with concrete for example. But concrete is a far more durable material than Asphalt. It’s just something you may get used to for future reference. This answer from Quora might help you.

I hope this answers your question.


Thank you all. Thats very educational!! Much appreciated.


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