Runway Overruns

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Just a question. I was controlling at RJTT (server not important) and a pilot was landing (correctly as instructed) on RWY 22, however I noticed on landing the pilot was going to miss the landing marks (which they did) on the runway, was it my responsibility as ATC to instruct a go-around or is it the PIC’s responsibility🤔

P.S. The pilot did land on the strip but overran the runway then did a “pushback” to exit the runway. I replied with an “I’m Sorry”

Pilot. You only tell them to go around if there’s is a conflict with another aircraft, or some sort of immediate danger. But landing the plane on the marks, and everything else about landing, is up to the pilot.


I usually wait for the pilot to call a GA if he feels it’s right. If it’s busy, I definitely don’t have time to see if he’s about to crash, it’s his responsibility.


Thank you I really appreciate that because I was looking at my radar and looking at the tower of view I guess the ATC Highview and they landed halfway down the runway before the wheels touchdown

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Ya, that’s an Oof, but his fult. He is in charge of landing his aircraft, and making sure it’s safe. You’re just there to make sure the aircraft are safe relative to each other.

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As a controller you do check the aircraft type that is requesting inbound, and you give him a pattern entry instruction towards a runway of suitable length.

If a pilot in his 747 requests a 5000 feet runway, and you can accommodate it, then this is the pilots responsibility.

You don’t instruct a go-around unless you see a possible clash with other aircrafts. A go-around for the inbound is pilots decision.


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